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Galerie Weiertal, White Cube-Winterthur 2024


Observation from a Swing

An installation of works with the theme Swing

Galerie Weiertal, White Cube - Winterthur

The works I prepared for this exhibition are portals to the past. Family is at the heart of my South Texas soul. The swing in my grandmother's garden was my inspiration. The memory of this garden recalls beauty, simplicity and love.

Observation from a Swing:

nine works that tell stories

The nine works, "Observation from from a swing" are small windows telling stories. Each work contains metal milagros. The Spanish word milagro translates to miracle. My personal use of Milagros and spirals are both individual and universal.  

vaca con pata.jpeg

Observation from a Swing

La vaca con la pata cansada

“Observation From a Swing: La vaca con la pata cansada” is a playful use of Mexican milagros to tell the story of a broken ankle in the Swiss Alps. I like to incorporate humor because laughter connects us, makes the burdens seem light. Laughter is healing.

Observation from a Swing:

Abuela con un libro

This larger work which is a part of the nine but stands on its own is an homage to my two grandmothers. I observed their hard work in caring for family, a home and community. 

abuela con libero_edited.jpg
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