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Observation from a swing


Galerie Weiertal, White Cube Winterthur

The art group outside-inside Winterthur host exhibitions every two years. The exhibition for 2024 has the theme "Swing" and I chose to work with a concept called "Observations from a Swing" in my art making process.


Studio Sol, Andelfingen

Circles of life is a week of culture, food and creation of a community altar honoring Día de Muertos. Day of the dead is a UNESCO named cultural heritage tradition from Mexico. Studio Sol celebrates this tradition with workshops for the community. This year, 2024, Circles of Life will take place from Oct. 30th-Nov.6th.

Circles of Life Community Altar
Caminos 2022 Exhibition



Halle 710 Winterthur

The path, the journey, the longing to return home-these are themes I encounter when I paint. Making art is a journey home to my Self. Painting intuitively allows me freedom of self expression and play. This was my first exhibition with the group outside-inside.

For video click here.



Kultur im Kammgarn, Schaffhausen

The FATArt art Faire, 100 Contemporary Women Artists was an exhibition during the end of the Covid pandemic. This special exhibiton had to do with art making during the lockdown. I began collage making with the sewing machine as well as hand stitching. 

FatArt Faire 2020
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