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Some suggestions for at home creativity:


Make space for your child to create. Ideal is to tape a large piece of paper to a wall that has been covered with newspaper, plastic or drop cloth. An A4 paper (8.5”x11”) at the kitchen table works well too. Provide paint, color pencils, neocolor (crayons) or a ball point pen. 

A few things to remember:

  •  Be silent and supportive. Witness the play that is possible.

  • Children do not need instructions, they learn naturally.

  • The mere observation of expression will lead to enthusiasm.

  • Do not ask for additional explanations about what is created. 

  • Allow play to happen. 

  • The trace or scribble holds a valuable role that the spoken language is unable to address.

  • Trust your child’s independence and spontaneity.

Once the drawing is finished, put it in a drawer or compartment and give the child a new sheet of paper so that his or her play can go a little further.

Source: "The Revival of Spontaneity" Arno Stern, 30 March 2020 (c)Arno Stern Institute

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