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Studio Sol is a painting studio based on the teaching of Arno Stern. The studio is set up with a palette table of eighteen water based gouache colors developed by Arno Stern and produced in Switzerland. A paper measuring 67 cm x 50 cm is pinned up to the wall and each person will paint standing up. Chairs are available if you prefer to sit while painting.

My name is Kim Flüeler and I am the art facilitator of Studio Sol. In September 2015 I went to Paris to attend the Painting Play seminar taught by Arno Stern. My BFA is in Graphic Design from the Kansas City Art Institute (USA). I have spent the last eighteen years painting playfully. Most recently I have begun to exhibit my work. A new website is coming soon where you can view my art work.

Studio Hours

Thursday 16:00-17:30

January 26

February 2, 23

March 2

April see

May 25

June 15, 22

July 6

Saturday 10:00-11:30

January 28

February 4

May 13

June 24

July 8


Price: CHF35.–

90 minutes  of painting and all material is included.


For everyone beginning at age 3.

Please contact me with any questions:


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04 contact


Grabenackerstrasse 5, 8450 Andelfingen, CH

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